Monday, April 15, 2013

The Use of Podcast in Classroom

From the list of the links, I found ESL Pod is really beneficial for English as foreign/second language learners. ESL Pod podcasts and transcripts for English as a second language learners. These podcasts can also be accessed through iTunes, which is rather convenient for students since most of them got the devices.

When I searched the homepage, I found a list of latest podcasts, which was easy for first time user to browse. I listened to the ESL Podcast 885 – Talking to a Bank Teller,and I think it is a great resource for EFL/ESL learners to learn English as well as the culture. At first,I heard the introduction of this Podcast, and then a conversation between a student and the bank teller. As a international student, it is beneficial for us to learn how to deal with daily issues, and how to communicate with the employees. After the conversation, the man who pod casts just go over the whole conversation and explained the difficult/unfamiliar vocabularies and phrases, such as endorse a check, deposit slip. Actually, I am not quite familiar with these words before I listened to this Podcast. After the explanation the original conversation would be played again to help students memorize it.

It is a great tool for teaching. Teachers can find resources for students to get them involved in the target culture, and at the same time, it can help students practice their listening skills. On the other hand, teachers can also ask students to podcast their own thought about a specific event or just what they have learnt. I believe it will help students exchange their ideas and broaden their horizon.


  1. As teachers we often learn things along with our students, don't we!

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